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Economerienda. Snackable Content on Business and Law for Filipinos.

Snackable Content on Philippine Business, Law, and Life.
Economerienda is a portmanteau of ‘economics’ and ‘merienda‘, which means‘snack time‘ in Filipino,

this blog aims to provide easy-to-digest snackable content for Filipinos on business, law, and life.

NAVIGATE and find our How-to’s, Foolproof Guides, Tips & Tricks to help you navigate in life.


Wonder what’s life and the economy going to be like under the new normal?

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Curious about saving, budgeting and investing? Here are blog resources and guides for personal finance.

8 Key Attitudes to Success
You need to equip yourself with the right tools–the right attitudes, behaviors and habits must be in place to prepare yourself towards financial freedom.
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Money Snacks

Money Snacks Podcast by Economerienda


He’s a lawyer, she has an MBA. Hence, we made this blog to provide snackable and easy to digest information on Philippine business law and life!

Ken and Rachel are a star-crossed couple currently stuck in different cities and long-distance quarantine. We decided to do this blog and podcast to bond and to stay productive. Ken is currently based in Manila and Rachel is in Cebu.

Rachel also has a travel blog and column, Postcardpretty.

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