12 – What do you think of storytelling?

What is the big deal with storytelling? It’s been the buzz word of the decade, but we have been telling stories for thousands of years. Our aunties do it, our ancestors did it, we have done it when we were kids.

There have been storytelling events, a storytelling community and TED Talks surrounding story.

Everyone can be storytellers. Storytelling is an innately human event. Storytelling is very fundamental to human experience.

However, it seems like everyone has forgotten how to tell stories. We have gotten so used to technology that we have forgotten how to tell stories properly. For example, instead of engaging the public, people just read off the Powerpoint deck.

While PowerPoint is a powerful tool, presenters go into mastering the PowerPoint without first getting competence in the elements of good storytelling and speaking in front of a group. 

The person who can tell a story is the most charismatic person in the room. You become the most instantly more likable in an instant.

The reason why stories are so compelling is that they give meaning and memory. There is a two-way relationship between storyteller and listener. As a storyteller, you provide the audience with a sensory ride. You use your readily available tools: self, sound, hand gestures, body language, space and silence.

Storytelling is integral in collective learning. You increase social knowledge by learning from other people’s experiences.

Storytelling allows you to see how you look and understand yourself. It helps people to process their trauma and their past. Verbalizing your experience and seeing how you express it in the narrative form helps you to be at peace with your past.

 If you want to change your life, change your narrative.

The world of speaking and writing is very varied and big. Debating (which I often did in law school) is different from compelling and motivating storytelling.

So how do you be better?

  • Give the audience a sensory journey
  • Be vulnerable (you don’t need to be perfect, but you need them to root for you)
  • Give them an emotional ride (oxytocin)
  • eAlways dit and practice
  • Treat your audience intelligently.
  • Don’t spoonfeed the ending.

Story Nights: Cebu and the Art of Storytelling

Story Nights: Cebu is the local chapter of an international storytelling club and live event series dedicated to inspiring, healing, transforming and entertaining people through the art of storytelling.  

At Story Nights we can get together for a magical evening of true personal stories which are told live by people from all walks of life!  We believe anyone can be a storyteller. Anyone who wants to share a story can do so for 5 – 7 min and tell true tales about life, experiences, passion, goals, taboos, cultures, romance, adversity – you name it.

What is Story Nights?

Story Nights is a non-profit organization that started in October 2015 in Bratislava (Slovakia) by Hon Chong, and has then grown steadily and we now organize storytelling events in Bratislava, Vienna (Austria), Budapest (Hungary),  Chandigarh (India), Manila (Philippines) and Cebu (Philippines). Story Nights has created a cross-border live events with storytellers, members and listeners from all over the world.

Story Nights: Cebu is founded by Rachel Arandilla on June 2018, and has grown steadily with Story Nights goers of around 70-90 people per event. Now, it is done on different establishments around Cebu to promote the spirit of stories.

Story Nights believes that everyone can be a storyteller. Story Nights is created to inspire the community with the stories and inspire others to be storytellers themselves, too. Know more about Story Nights Cebu

To Further Knowledge:
– TED Talk – The magical science of storytelling by David JP Phillips at TEDxStockholm
– TED Talk – The clues to a great story by Andrew Stanton

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