2 – Lessons I Learned in Law School

Even after three years of professional practice, our resident lawyer  still values the many memorable lessons I learned in law school that can be applied in law practice and in real life.

Here are some of the most valuable lessons I learned in law school:

Spotting and isolating the issues

The ability to spot main issues and distill all the information from 300 to 500 pages of readings into core takeaways. If you want to win arguments, identify and isolate your issues. The ability to spot main issues and distill all the information from 300 to 500 pages of readings into core takeaways is integral in staying rational and level-headed in arguments..

Most non-law grads don’t think this way. In fact, even in personal relationships, people tend to put together several separate issues in one argument. Laying out issues will also solve the problem quicker.

The art of asking the right questions

Being a lawyer is really less about arguing and more about asking questions. The core of asking questions is not just limited to trial work or the Supreme Court, but ultimately in life. 

Due Process

Among the core learnings, we learn is the rule of law, and the foundation of jurisprudence: the due process. e.g., such as in criminal law, Despite already having been persecuted by the public, every alleged criminal has the right to have due process and is innocent until proven guilty. The criminal defense lawyer is highly valuable, and he is the only person standing between an innocent person and jail. Due process ensures truth and justice comes out at the end.

The Philippine Constitution

The state policies and most importantly, the values of the nation are there. Reading the Philippine Constitution makes you an informed citizen, and provides a sharp lens to understanding current events. Non-lawyers should also read the constitution to get a better grasp of current events, politics and policy discussions.

These are just some of the key takeaways I learned while in law school. Read part two of lessons I learned in business school for Rachel’s takeaway in MBA. If you are or were a law student, what are some of the lessons you learned in law school?

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