8 – What do you think of salsa dancing?

Salsa dancing is an amazing way to get cardio, meet people, and have fun! What do you think of salsa dancing?

I first learned Cuban salsa in Cebu in 2014 with Cebu Salsa Club. Back then, the salsa scene in Cebu was still nascent, almost non-existent. 

Salsa nights, or salsa socials, often play a whole range of Afro-cuban music: salsa, bachata, kizomba, zouk and merengue.

There is a salsa scene in almost every major city in the world, and some of the cities I have danced in are: Philly, NY, Barcelona, Paris, Barcelona, Manila, Cebu, Singapore, Taiwan and Bali!

Fundamentals of Salsa Dancing

The most fundamental part of salsa is the “clave”. ‘Clave’ is a Spanish word that means ‘code’ or ‘key’. Clave is a rhythmic pattern that plays on 3-2 or 2-3 beat. It is the ‘law’ of salsa, and of many Afro-Cuban music. Clave is more a feeling, and less the instrument. In salsa, people should be ‘clave conscious’

Timing. There are actually two types of timing in salsa dancing: on 1 and on 2.

  • Places that are majority on 1: Cuba, Europe, Los Angeles, Philippines
  • Places that are majority on 2: New York, Singapore, Australia, Japan 

Several Great Reasons Why You Should Go Salsa Dancing:

  • It’s an easy hobby to take! You don’t need a lot of equipment, just need your dancing shoes.
  • You can do it anywhere when you travel, again, just pack your dancing shoes in your luggage!
  • It is never a sausage fest (at least in the Philippines) Read: Salsa Socials in the Philippines
  • Men, hear this: this is one of the few rare occasions that the woman will actually listen to you. 
  • Also, to women: never apologize. It is always the man’s fault.

How to Get Better at Salsa Dancing

  • Watch yourself, take a video, and be critical in evaluating yourself. 
  • Watch others dance and salsa videos.
  • Master the clave.
  • Dance with different leads, especially if they are new. Don’t be too comfortable and settle on dancing with one or a few guys only.

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