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A portmanteau of ‘economy‘ and ‘merienda‘ (which is ‘snack time‘ in Filipino, this blog provides easy-to-digest snackable content on business, law and life.

In this Philippine Life Blog you will find How-to’s, Foolproof Guides, Tips and Tricks to help you navigate in life.

Our Blog Posts will mainly cover: Personal Finance, Business, Law and Life and Relationships.


He’s a lawyer, she has an MBA. Ken and Rachel are currently stuck in different cities and long-distance quarantine. We decided to do this blog and podcast to bond and to stay productive. Ken is currently based in Manila and Rachel is in Cebu.

About Rachel

Island girl, concrete jungle. Poet and quant. Fine Arts and MBA. Coincidentally a Gemini. I lurk in Quora and Medium, trying to fulfill my dreams to be a full-time writer.

I write about travel stories of postcard-pretty places in Postcardpretty.
I write about business and investments here in Economerienda.

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