Building the Philippines, One Podcast at a time

Building the Philippines, One Podcast at a time

One of my favorite media platforms is the podcast.

I relied on podcasts to be with me through my daily commute. Whether I’m walking to school in Philadelphia, taking the P2P bus in Manila, or driving in Cebu–podcasts were my constant companion.

When COVID-19 quarantine rolled out, I stopped commuting. Hence I switched my media consumption to Netflix and Youtube. I did not have time to binge on shows, but now I finally did! It was great to discover the world of Netflix and finally know these references I never knew before. It was great for the first few months until–I started getting weekly migraines (did others also get the same problem?)

So I’m back to the calm and auditory platform that didn’t give me migraines. Hail to the podcast.

Podcasts for Learning and Inciting Change

(Of course, one can’t quite learn practical skills such as makeup or surfing, but I’m pointing out the obvious.)

I’m a primarily auditory learner, not a visual one. So when it came to learning things, particularly theory, I prefer to hear it: whether it’s finance, economics, philosophy politics, current events, or business.

Maybe it’s the warmth of voice, the authenticity of the nuances and textures of the speaker, even getting familiar with their tics. Whatever it is, I always felt a stronger connection when I hear my favorite podcasts playing on my headphones. TV could not hold the same level of engagement or commitment from me, so TV would sometimes default to visual noise over the background.

And for this, I think podcasts would be a really great platform for inciting change, even for building a better Philippines.

Podcasts for Building a Better Philippines

We are all starting to move back to normalcy, building (and re-building) our economy and our lives once again. We’re learning new tools to adapt to business ‘unusual’–or doing business under the new normal.

Dream Bayan, is a podcast by BPI and in collaboration with Pumapodcast, features conversations and stories from different fields and industries that can inspire us in building a better Philippines. Dream Bayan hopes to be a catalyst of hope to create a more sustainable and resilient country.

I listened to their first episode, “Going Forward: Why Frontliners Need an Upgrade for the Future” featuring frontliners, including Dr. Jet Masa, an anaethesiologist. He takes listeners inside the war zone with vivid, first-hand accounts of patient care during today’s global health crisis.

What if you’re not a nurse, doctor, or healthcare professional? Can you be a frontliner too? The episode also featured unlikely frontliners–a relationship manager and phonebanker, both jobs considered essential in the time of the pandemic.

For the succeeding episodes, Dream Bayan will be tackling the narratives of agriculture in the Philippines, resilience and innovative ways to do business in the new normal; the journey of Sinag Entrepreneurs, and sustainable cities and urban planning.

Listen to the podcast here:

Google, and Apple Podcasts:

Would you like to learn how to make your own podcast? We started our own during the pandemic, too, just for fun and acquire new skills–and it got featured in Rappler! I wrote a blog about How to Start Your Own Podcast During Quarantine.

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