Cashless Negosyo Webinars for MSMEs

Cashless Negosyo Webinars Enables MSMEs for Cashless Payments

Cashless Negosyo Webinar – MSMEs are encouraged to implement cashless payments for safer, more convenient, and contactless transactions amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

BPI’s virtual event, Cashless Negosyo webinar series, emphasizes the value of implementing cashless payment systems as soon as possible to help MSMEs cope with the effects of the lockdown and the changing consumer behaviors.

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“The government is now implementing strict rules on social distancing. Customers will be more inclined to do online transactions now and we want to teach our clients how to embrace this new reality. Digitalization also means survival– BPI is here to support our clients’ efforts, in the best way we can,” said BPI Chief Digital Officer Noel Santiago.

Since March of this year, there has been a massive surge in online transactions and payments. From 70 percent, the number of transactions done digitally has increased to 90 percent. 4 million clients, or half of the total BPI clients, are now registered to BPI’s digital platforms for their daily banking needs.

“We aim to better enable businesses during these challenging times,” according to BPI Deputy Head of Marketing Mariana Zobel De Ayala. “Our digital solutions offer growth opportunities for businesses, with ways to participate in the emerging digitally-enabled marketplace, for our customers to enjoy safe ways to transact cashless, wherever they may be.”

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Around 85% of the participants of the first installment of the Cashless Negosyo webinar series said that they have already adapted to the “new reality”.

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