Top 10 Finance Apps in the Philippines

Top Finance Apps in the Philippines | Just like any 2020 article, I’m going to start this blog post talking about the pandemic. Sincerely, the COVID-19 has accelerated faster acceptance and adaption of technologies, and the same is true for personal finance.

More and more Filipinos have moved to the digital space when handling finance and payments. Filipinos’ are having a growing reliance on digital finance to handle contactless transactions via fintech apps.

App Annie, a global app ranking authority, has recently released the list of the top Finance Apps in the Philippines:

  1. Gcash
  2. BPI
  3. BDO
  4. Paymaya
  5. Paypal
  7. Metrobank
  8. Unionbank
  9. Citibank
  10. Home Credit
  11. Landbank

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data from App Annie

Gcash is the number one Finance App in the Philippines

It’s no surprise who the number 1 Finance App is in the Philippines: it’s Gcash. Both Android and iOS users choose GCash as their finance app of choice. Since January 2020, GCash remains the top spot for two categories, for their digital banking and finance needs in the Philippines.

“GCash proved that it is indeed the leading fintech app in the country as it is the most trusted and partner finance app of Filipinos in navigating the pandemic towards the new normal,” Martha Sazon, Gcash President and CEO, said.

GCash has recorded a breakthrough of more than 10 million downloads in just the first 9 months this year, with 130% active user growth. Gcash continues to grow by 13% on average every month.

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Aside from consumers, GCash expands its base from end consumers to business-to-business transactions as they enable enterprisepayments, disbursements, and digital rewards solutions to bring ease and convenience to their customers. 

Gcash, as well as other finance apps, have significantly helped Filipinos deal with everyday tasks in the safety of their home. One can make payments, pay bills, buy load, and even invest money via the app. These apps will also help users adapt towards the new normal lifestyle.

Since October, fees are no longer free and most services now charge a convenience fee of P15 to P25. If you are a savvy saver, find out how you can bypass this: How to Avoid Gcash-to-Bank Convenience Fees

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