Hello, Love Feature by The Good Men Project

Our story . The Ideal Life Partner framework appeared originally here on this blog post here and subsequently appeared on a Medium Publication Hello, Love feature by The Good Men Project.

What is Hello, Love?

The Good Men Project released the new publication called Hello, Love that explores stories on themes of modern love. Topics include relationships, commitment, intimacy, and love from all perspectives. Love is love!

What is The Good Men Project?

The Good Men Project is a media company and idea-based platform where people share stories worthy of conversation. The website started as a place to share defining moments in men’s lives and what it means to be a good man. It has since grown into a holistic platform that discusses parenthood, family, sex, relationships, ethics, politics, current events and more.

I shared a framework that is used in business and professional settings on the Ideal Team Player. I found it equally helpful to use the same framework in the relationship context as well.

Read more of the story at Economerienda (The Ideal Partner Framework: The Art of Choosing the Right One). You can also check it out on this link at Hello Love by The Good Men Project.

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