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Information page for current IMG Members

Financial Webinars

Product Training

Learn financial products, industry trends and opportunities from the providers themselves! We have regular product training for members, from our partner-providers. Learn about:

  • Investments

Mutual funds, concepts, investment strategies, and market trends from Rampver Financials

  • Healthcare

The many advantages of long term healthcare, about the differences of short-term vs long term healthcare, the differences between regular and senior-care short term health protection products from Kaiser International

  • Life Insurance

The difference between term, endowment, whole-life and VUL, IUL insurance from Philamlife

  • Real Estate

Ongoing real estate projects, real estate investment strategies from SMDC, Vista Land, DMCI, and Ayala Land

  • Asset Preservation

Setting up family corporations, maintaining corporations, from APS. many other financial products and services from the other providers. Enroll to invest and save on financial products

Contact me for more information.

FB Groups

FB Groups

For questions, and concerns join the FB group:

  • Public community for people who want to understand Kaiser or IMG

Do’s in that group

  • Give your best answers to FAQs.
  • Post your best testimonials to Kaiser/IMG
  • Post your successes, happy stories
  • Post happy pictures ( candid pictures, not posters )
  • FB share good posts

Don’ts in that group

  • Don’t mention internal Kaiser/IMG matters, like commissions, promotions
  • Don’t complain. Huwag gatungan ang galit ng iba!
  • Don’t sell. Avoid ads
  • Don’t post congratulation posters and IMG internal announcements
  • Don’t post unrelated matters

IMG Members Group: Kaiser/IMG Talk

  • Secret group/community for IMG members only:
    Answer questions to join (IMG Code/SMD) for trial verification.
    No answers, reject!
  • Purpose: internal discussions, collaboration, Q&A about Kaiser/IMG

Do’s in that group (Discuss, share, Q&A, announce)

  • About system (system, fast start, BAP, EBS, Free Agent, commissions, promotions)
  • About collaboration
  • About procedures
  • About issues
  • Share documents ( e.g. checklists, ,FNA, etc.)

Don’ts in that group

  • Don’t sell. Avoid ads
  • Don’t post unrelated matters

Still Confused? I can help!

If you are still confused, we can schedule a Zoom call and I can guide you through the process. No obligations, reach out to me now via Email, FB Messenger and let’s get in touch! – Rachel

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