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When you invest in stocks, it means you invest directly in the stocks of a company. You are your own fund manager. You decide which stocks to buy or to sell. You can also earn dividends.

You can purchase publicly listed companies on the Philippine Stock Exchange:

Stock Investing Tools



How to Open MyTrade Account

For IMG Members:

Opening a MyTrade account as an IMG is very easy.

Just sign in and go to your Member’s Portal at

Navigate through your dashboard. In Tools you can select MyTrade that will take you to a registration page, or just follow this link:

For non-IMG Members:

Non-IMG members can go directly to the MyTrade website.

To open an account with us, go to our website
1) On the homepage, go to “OPEN AN ACCOUNT” then click on “REGISTER NEW ACCOUNT”
2) Follow the step by step process for opening an online trading account. Download the Application form under ‘Forms’, or you can follow this link: MyTrade Application Form
3) Kindly print, sign and send the forms through any courier to our head office (2904-AEast Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Center, Exchange Road,
    Ortigas Center, Pasig City).

Note: For now, due to COVID19 pandemic we can accept  scanned copy  registration forms and kindly send us via email in

Keep your printed application forms and send it via courier after the situation gets back to normal. Mail to their head office:

2904-A East Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Center, Exchange Road
Ortigas Center, Pasig City

MyTrade will schedule you for a video call to validate/confirm the details indicated in the application form.

You can see the video here:

Not yet an IMG member? Make investing easier, unlock exclusive freebies and discounts and make investing more streamlined. Join now:

How to Top Up or Add MyTrade Investment

COL Financial

COL Financial

How to Sign Up for COL

It’s easy to open an account at COL. Just follow the instructions on this page:

Be sure you have all the ID Requirements ready.

How to Add COL Investment

Use your online banking faiclity to fund your COL account. Just enroll COL FINANCIAL under your bills payment then pay that bill.

Option 2: Over-the-Counter via Bills Payment
Visit any of our partner bank branch and fill-out a payment slip. Forms of payment can be in cash or check. Check should be payable to COL FINANCIAL GROUP, INC.

It is IMPORTANT to indicate the COL ACCOUNT HOLDER`S NAME and COL ACCOUNT NUMBER when making payments to ensure proper and timely credit to your account.

Mutual Funds

With mutual funds, you are getting a collective number of securities in stocks, FDs, bonds, and other securities. A fund manager is hired to monitor the markets and maximize the returns of the fund.

Here are the best-performing mutual funds in the Philippines:

  • Soldivo Funds
  • PhilEquity Management (PEMI)
  • ATR Asset Management (ATRAM)
  • First Metro Asset Management (FAMI by Metrobank group)
  • Sunlife Asset Management (SLAMCI) Philam Asset Management (PAMI)

You can check the performance of Mutual Funds here: PIFA Facts and Figures

Soldivo Funds

You can invest on Soldivo IMG Fund, Soldivo Growth Fund, and Soldivo Bond Fund.

All Mutual Funds require a credit load for investors, usually between 1% to 4%.. For IMG members, Soldivo Funds is generous to offer all IMG members with zero 0% credit load forever.

To avail of zero load offer, you need to be an IMG member. You can sign up here:

ATRAM Mutual Fund

How to Make New Investment via Seedbox

Step 1 – Sign Up

For IMG members use this link to Sign Up.

Step 2 – Select

Once you’re logged in, look at the Products and Services section.

Step 3 – Submit

Type in and submit your details, then click Checkout.

You will be asked an OTP via mobile or email for confirmation.

Step 4 – Fund

You will be given instructions on how to fund your investment, depending on your preference: check deposits, bills payment, fund transfer)

Minimum initial investment amount – PHP 1,000

How to Top Up Soldivo Fund Investment via Seedbox

via KIOSK2

For centralization, you may transact using our E-facilities in KIOSK2

1 – Click + Additional investment

2 – Fill-out the Fund Details (last name, middle name, first name, Company, Fund name and amount).

3 – Upload Investment Form.

4 – Once done, it will now lead you to Your Order Summary(enter your email address, billing address, etc.) 

5 – Choose your Bank then click “SELECT

6 – Once completed, click the KIOSK 2 link –

7 – Confirm your deposit. (enter the details of your deposit payment) 

8 – Click +Select file to upload the proof of payment

9 – Click Submit.

via BPI Over-the-Counter Bills Payment

*BPI charge s Php 50.00 per transaction. This charge should be paid on top of the investment amount. e.g. Minimum additional amount for Soldivo Funds (over-the-counter bills payment) is Php 1,050.00

You can also send the Proof of Payment and payment slip via email.

For IMG members, you can send it at Rampver Financials

Videos and Webinars

  • Madali lang Mag Invest sa Mutual Funds? by Rampver Financials
  • Paano Mag-Invest sa Stock Market by Doc Jaime Lorenzo

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