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FB Groups

For questions, and concerns join the FB group:

  • Public community for people who want to understand Kaiser or IMG

Do’s in that group

  • Give your best answers to FAQs.
  • Post your best testimonials to Kaiser/IMG
  • Post your successes, happy stories
  • Post happy pictures ( candid pictures, not posters )
  • FB share good posts

Don’ts in that group

  • Don’t mention internal Kaiser/IMG matters, like commissions, promotions
  • Don’t complain. Huwag gatungan ang galit ng iba!
  • Don’t sell. Avoid ads
  • Don’t post congratulation posters and IMG internal announcements
  • Don’t post unrelated matters

IMG Members Group: Kaiser/IMG Talk

  • Secret group/community for IMG members only:
    Answer questions to join (IMG Code/SMD) for trial verification.
    No answers, reject!
  • Purpose: internal discussions, collaboration, Q&A about Kaiser/IMG

Do’s in that group (Discuss, share, Q&A, announce)

  • About system (system, fast start, BAP, EBS, Free Agent, commissions, promotions)
  • About collaboration
  • About procedures
  • About issues
  • Share documents ( e.g. checklists, ,FNA, etc.)

Don’ts in that group

  • Don’t sell. Avoid ads
  • Don’t post unrelated matters


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