MyTrade Review and First Impressions

What is MyTrade?

MyTrade is the online trading platform by Abacus Securities, a stock brokerage firm licensed to trade in the PSE – Philippine Stock Exchange. MyTrade is one of the newer stock trading platforms for Filipinos to take charge of their financial future. Through the platform, you can bypass the middleman! You can now easily buy and sell stocks and securities in the Philippine Stock Market (in your pajamas).

MyTrade Review and First Impressions

So What is my MyTrade review and how does it hold up to other platforms?

MyTrade isn’t my first trading platform, my first was COL. And of course, it takes some getting used to when you first look into MyTrade’s dashboard. COL was more ‘minimalist’ and simple, and MyTrade had a lot of widgets. If I could make an analogy, COL would be iOS and MyTrade would be Android. MyTrade’s interface can get a bit intimidating, especially for a first timer.

However, as soon as you get used to it, you will learn to love it and appreciate it, for the following attributes:

  • Highly customizable interface. Design your interface according to the information you want. Everything is there in the dashboard.
  • Solid Reports. Detailed information. I loved receiving their newsletters, very comprehensive research, and due diligence reports.
  • Great Customer Service. You can reach out to their customer service via chatbox and they reach out to you in real-time. How awesome is that?
  • Easy Fund Method. There are many ways for you to Fund your Account–bank transfer, Remittance, and soon, digital wallets via Gcash and Paymaya.
  • Easy Access. As an IMG Member, I get easy and convenient access to the MyTrade platform via the IMG dashboard.

How to Open MyTrade Account (IMG Members)

Opening a MyTrade account as an IMG is very easy.

Just sign in and go to your Member’s Portal at

Navigate through your dashboard.

In Tools, you can select MyTrade that will take you to a registration page, or just follow this link:

For other Investment options for IMG members, go to Investments – Stocks and Mutual Funds

How to Open MyTrade Account (Non-IMG Members)

Non-IMG members can go directly to the MyTrade website.

To open an account with us, go to our website
1) On the homepage, go to “OPEN AN ACCOUNT” then click on “REGISTER NEW ACCOUNT”
2) Follow the step by step process for opening an online trading account. Download the Application form under ‘Forms’, or you can follow this link: MyTrade Application Form
3) Kindly print, sign and send the forms through any courier to our head office (2904-AEast Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Center, Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City). Starting the COVID19 pandemic MyTrade can now accept  scanned copy  registration forms and kindly send us via email in

How to Fund MyTrade Account

You can fund your MyTrade account to start investing in stocks in many ways: BDO, BPI, Metrobank, Coins.PH Unionbank, RCBC, and Remittances. See the complete guide on how to Fund your account by following this link: HOW TO FUND MYTRADE ACCOUNT

There’s news that G-cash will also soon be available for MyTrade Funding Method, so that will make things even more convenient! When that comes up, I’ll update this blog as soon as I can.

If you need help or have some questions, you can reach out to me via email at or go to the bottom of the page at the Stocks and Mutual Funds page.

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