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Building the Philippines, One Podcast at a time One of my favorite media platforms is the podcast. I relied on…

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  • Faith & Finances with Rex Mendoza
    Mr. Rex Mendoza, president of Rampver Financials, discusses personal finance, money management, and how it relates to Christian faith.
  • Investing and Earning During a Crisis
    How do you continue investing and earning during a crisis? (and other future crises)?
  • 8 Skills that Monetize
    8 skills that monetize. Learn these to make more money. From sales, to design, to storytelling, these skills are relevant and invaluable in today’s age.
  • How to (quickly) Move Up the Career Ladder
    Moving up the proverbial career ladder can be trying for most. Here are some tips on how you can move quickly up the career ladder.
  • Why the World Needs Introverts
    Rachel’s an extrovert, and Ken’s an introvert. What does it mean really to be an introvert and is that necessarily a ‘bad thing’? The world needs introverts
  • Setting SMART Professional Goals
    SMART Goal Framework. Taking control of your life requires planning, and this starts with defining SMART professional goals.

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Step 1: Planning and Preparing (?)
Step 2 – Reducing and Saving
  • 5 Types of Savings for Every Filipino
    While it’s convenient to keep all your money in one account, it’s not always the best idea. Here are 5 Types of Savings for every Filipino–and where to keep them.
  • How to be Frugal: A Definitive Guide
    I was racking in credit card debt, but I kept telling myself:’I’ll be able to pay it all back once I get a job after business school!’
Step 3 – Earning and Hustling (+)
Step 4 – Budgeting and Money Management (/)


Step 5 – Investing and Multiplying (x)

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