Own a Virtual Mastercard with GrabPay

Do you want to own your own virtual debit card?

You can now have your own Virtual Mastercard via GrabPay in a matter of minutes.

We now largely do our shopping for food, groceries, and items online. Even if cash is still the preferred method in the Philippines, the rise of usage in digital has increased, largely spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic. This included fin-tech products such as digital banks, wallets, and payments.

You can now enjoy hassle-free and secure online payments via GrabPay card, powered by Mastercard.

What is GrabPay Card?

GrabPay card is a digital debit card by Grab and powered by Mastercard. It accepts millions of online merchants across the world. GrabPay is regulated by BSP (Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas).

This capabilities now allows everyone to have a virtual Mastercard, regardless if they have an existing bank account or not. Here are some of the features of GrabPay Card:

  1. Pay everything online. Easy access to nearly 53 million merchants around the world
  2. Safe and secure. A digital-first card with unprecedented security features included PIN protection, fingerprint biometrics, and in-app card lock function. Transactions are fully encrypted and protected.
  3. GrabRewards. Users can earn GrabRewards points via GrabPay subscriptions, local and international transactions from millions of partner merchants that accept Mastercard
  4. Other Benefits. Mobile Protection Insurance, protection against accidental damage or theft, E-commerce protection, and 24/7 fraud detection engine

How to Get a GrabPay Card

  1. Open your Grab App and Tap Payment on the bottom.
  2. Ensure you’ve verified and activated your GrabPay Wallet.
  3. Tap ‘Get your Grab Pay Card Now’
  4. Enter PIN
  5. Start using your digital GrabPay Card! You may click on ‘Card Details’ to get your details and start your online transactions.

I don’t really like giving my credit card details away online, and this provides a safer way to manage your payments. You can get your own Virtual Mastercard and just cash in money as needed.

To know more about GrabPay, you can see more info on their website here.

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