Paynamics Biz – Digital Payment Solutions for SMEs

Paynamics Biz – Digital Payment Solutions for SMEs | Indeed, the pandemic has changed the lifestyles and activities with an increased demand for healthcare and digital usage among Filipinos.

Out of 10 Filipino entrepreneurs, 9 are willing to go digital, according to a survey of Filipino Times. With the exponential rise in demand for digital tools, many local startups have stepped up their game in providing practical solutions to Filipino consumers.

Among the most important spaces for disruption is offering digital payment solutions for Philippine online sellers and SMEs.

ENTER: Paynamics Biz

Paynamics, a startup in the fintech space, has recently launched Paynamics Biz, an e-wallet specifically designed for SMEs (as opposed to general consumer wallets). Merchants can accept payments from various methods (online and offline).

Paynamics Biz Delivers 3 Simple Solutions for SMEs:

  1. Pay via Link. Merchants, freelancers, consultants, and professionals can share their links on their digital and social media channels, as well as through email and messaging apps.
  2. QR Code. Ideal for merchants with digital and physical stores: restaurants, food stalls, couriers, taxis, events, hotels and accommodations, organizations, and more.
  3. Pay by POS. (Coming Soon) Merchants will be issued an actual android point of sale (POS) device that will allow them to accept debit/credit card payments. The POS system is wireless and portable, can be used anywhere they want.

While the main focus is on facilitating local payments, Paynamics is looking at processing international payments via Visa and Mastercard ‘very soon’.

Check Paynamics Biz website to Register and to get more information.

About Paynamics Technologies

  • Paynamics Technologies Inc. is a Philippine-based company established in 2010. It has a 10-year track record in enabling financial services through various digital payment methods. 

Paynamics’ main objective is FINANCIAL INCLUSION for every Filipino, and to allow MSMEs to go digital and increase their income potential.

  • Paynamics has two strategic partners:
    • Beenos, Inc., a Japanese e-commerce firm publicly listed in the Tokyo Stock Exchange
    • Expresspay, Inc., a Philippine fintech aggregator since 2011.

Paynamics currently processes 50,000,000 transactions and trusted by many big brands. It aims to have 100,000 transactions by next year and over 100,000 registered merchants by 2023.

Paynamics is a Certified Operator of Payments Systems, has an e-money license from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) last June 2020, enabling e-money operations as a non-bank institution.  Being a licensed e-money issuer means Paynamics has met the BSP’s minimum capital requirement of P100 million to maintain the business. Aside from the e-money license, Paynamics also holds a BSP license as a remittance agent for its mass payout product.

While most big banks in the country hold e-money licenses and more fintech firms are entering the space, Paynamics is confident it can emerge as a significant player, particularly in providing e-payment solutions for SMEs. “Most e-wallets cater to consumers,” said Paynamics Founder and Chairman Ronald Magleo. 

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