Philippines GCQ Infographics

Philippines GCQ Infographics – Are you ready for the new normal? Not quite sure what to go about it? Have you read and understood the Philippine GCQ Guidelines?

Cebu-based architect Janelle Moran has come up with these great Philippines GCQ Infographics to educate the general public. Her visuals include friendly reminders for the public. These are guidelines on what to do in the office, salons, PUJ, retail stores, waiting areas, groceries, and malls. Infographics make it easier for understanding because nowadays no one reads the memo (too long, didn’t read) and people understand visuals more.

Here are the Philippine GCQ Infographics on General Community Quarantine Guidelines as illustrated by Janelle Moran:

Aside from these Philippines GCQ Infographics you can also find Printable COVID-19 Templates designed by Grafik 9. Download these COVID-19 templates to ensure your establishments and operations are ready for the new normal. You can also have them printed and delivered to you.

If you would like to know more about restarting and reopening businesses in the Philippines after the lockdown, go to the Reopening Business Guide: How to Deal with Rent, Bills, Taxes and Labor. This guide is very helpful for business owners, SMEs, HR, etc.

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