Have you always wanted to publish your own book?

Publishing your own book comes with tremendous benefits for your brand and your career.

Whatever your career is: novelist, author, entrepreneur, lawyer, or financial adviser, having your own book instantly adds credence to your name.

For the longest time, publishing has been largely controlled by major traditional publishers and offset printers. The process of publishing your book was difficult and tedious: you need to pitch to several publishers, you need to edit your work according to their requests, and you need to print in bulk for offset printing — at least 300 copies or more.

Thanks to the latest innovation in the industry, show you how publishing and printing your own book has never been so easy by printing books-on-demand by Grafik 9.

My Journey as a Published Author

Like aspiring writers out there, I’m also a published writer myself! I published my own book, a travel anthology, entitled ‘Postcards from Elsewhere’ last 2019.

If you would like to know more about my book, you can check out my blog posts here:

Just like other writers and artists, I always had these creative ideas stuck in my head that I wanted to execute, but couldn’t do so because I was too afraid / insecure / doubtful of my capabilities.

Although not self-published, I have had an amazing journey publishing my own book with the guidance of DCO Publishing. The book, merch, and promotional materials are all printed by Grafik 9.

Books on Demand by Grafik 9

If you want to self-publish and print your books in as little as 20 pcs, reach out to Grafik 9 now! Grafik 9 is a print service company based in Cebu City, Philippines that specializes in digital printing.

With their professional services you can print your books in 4 easy steps:

  • STEP 1 – Email your print-ready file
  • STEP 2 – Final Proof and Client Approval
  • STEP 3 – Production (Printing and Binding)
  • STEP 4 – Delivery to Client

We also include additional services such as copyediting, ghostwriting, cover design, and more.

For more details, look below or email

If your book specifications are different, email for a customized printing quotation.

About Grafik 9

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