Investing in my Bedroom – with Ready2Adult PH

Investing in my bedroom with Ready2 Adult PH| Talking about personal finance used to be unglamorous, or un-cool, but a lot has changed this year, probably spurred by the pandemic where we are all forced to re-assess our financial stability and re-organize our saving and spending activity.

I shifted from my travel blog ( and revived my interests in personal finance. This is really why we even started a new blog,, to talk about the topic.

I wasn’t alone. Charm de Leon, fellow Cebuano entrepreneur and the founder of Youtube Channel and FB Group Ready2Adult PH, has seen a surge of interest in the topic. Ready2Adult PH Talks about personal finance, entrepreneurship, and adulting, particularly life hacks and saving money.

Charm uploaded her first video on September 1, 2019, and stopped for a while. When she revived it in May 2020 at the height of the pandemic, she only had 400+ subscribers. Now, the YouTube Channel has upwards of 10,000+ subscribers–and growing steadily by the week.

“It pays to be knowledgeable with your expenses as you can because that’s how you can identify which purchases to cut down.” Charm says–true to the adage, ‘you can’t manage what you can’t measure.’ 

We don’t know when an economic turmoil or crisis can strike again. And it is on these times that we are forced to see our weakness areas–may it be in value preservation or value creation. What are areas you need to focus on–emergency funds, budgeting, healthcare, insurance, or investing?

Charm shares that she herself has been studying and investing in the stock market throughout the pandemic.

COVID-19 Forced Us to Think About Adulting

I myself found my own weakness in budgeting–I used to hate that word, and believed, “Why budget? I just strive to earn more than I spend.”

Maybe true in normal times, where the sky’s the limit for income generation, and we have the luxury to unconsciously get stuck in that rat race. However, the pandemic has shown us that there is no such thing as a limitless sky. To borrow a military acronym, it’s a ‘VUCA’ world (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous), and no amount of data analysis or survey could foresee all this.

This period taught me that we have too many unnecessary and impulse purchases. It taught me that I can actually make my own coffee, bake my own cheesecake, brew my own milk tea, and even rediscover an appreciation of the the local attractions (versus having to travel internationally!)

Baby steps. That’s all we need. It starts with a conscious effort to learning. After all, prosperity begins in the mind before it goes to your pocket.

“Adulting is already hard, but financing doesn’t have to be.” Charm says “To make this journey more fun and  your goals more achievable, let’s face this adulting world together.”

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