The Company Cebu Coworking Space Guest Blog Post

We wrote a guest blog post for The Company Cebu Coworking Space – Remote Worker’s Toolbox: 10 Tools Every Remote Employee Needs.

What is The Company Cebu?

The Company is a coworking community that offers flexible, bright and ergonomic workspaces and office solutions to freelancers, creators, and creatives.

Where is The Company Cebu located?

The Company has two locations in Cebu City, Philippines, in Cebu IT Park and Mandaue.
Cebu IT Park. 15th Floor, HM Tower, Corner of West Geonzon Street, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines 6000
Mandaue. Ground Floor, Building 4, JDN Square, P. Remedio St, Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines 6014

Where else is The Company located?

The Company has 8 offices located around the world in Singapore, Bangkok, Cebu, Japan and Hawaii.

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed businesses to accelerate migration into remote work. As lockdown measures eased and the economy is starting to open up, some companies have seen the benefits of remote work and making a permanent change to move their operations online.

From reliable internet to noise-cancelling headphones, to a Google cloud storage; here are 10 online and offline tools every remote worker needs.

To know more about how to restart business and pivots to do after the lockdown, look at our COVID19 Reopening Business Guide.

Read more of the story at The Company (Remote Worker’s Toolbox: 10 Tools Every Remote Employee Needs).

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